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About Puls Solutions

Puls Solutions exists because we want to develop teams and leaders to feel and perform better. We offer an engagement platform – the team’s best friend.

About Puls Solutions

The Puls engagement platform has been developed and validated together with researchers. We measure the factors that affect the individual’s and team’s engagement, well-being and performance.

“A global survey conducted by Aon Hewitt 2017 shows that a 5% increase in employee engagement is directly linked to a 3% increase in sales growth in the following year” – 2017 Trends in Global Employee Engagement – Report, Aon


Our products and our consultants support you and your team in what you should do, why you should do it and how you continuously work to feel and perform better as a team.

About Puls Solutions

We know that you and your team have a lot to do in everyday life and therefore we want to relieve you by prioritizing and working with small continuous steps in the right direction.

Puls supports managers and employees to make continuous improvements for increased engagement and well-being and links this to clearly measurable results. We call this Return On Engagement.

Experts on Return On Engagement

We started as a consulting company where the business idea was to implement our clients’ strategies in behaviors to increase business results.

Performing our consultancy projects, we often looked at data from employee surveys and heard how many of our customers were frustrated about this.

Many of the managers at our clients thought that the employee survey process was a heavy process for collecting a lot of data and opinions. Seldom did managers know what to do with all the data and many of the improvements were never implemented because they did not see the value of the efforts in their business goals.

We realized that it was time to change the world and directed our company to a software company where we have long experience and expertise in how to work with measuring and increasing employee engagement and well-being linked to business results.

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Experts on having fun at work

We really love what we do and the results we deliver. We have fun at work and our engagements is seen in our products and services.

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