The team’s best friend

An AI-based employee engagement platform that coaches employees and managers to feel and perform better.

Employee surveys that only collect data and opinions no longer work

  • A lot of data and opinions that I as a manager do not understand how to use
  • A lot of opinions and expectations but no responsibility on the employees
  • I do not understand the value for my team when we work with employee engagement surveys

Great teams want more!

Why Puls?

The employees express their opinions but also take responsibility. Puls enables participation and employee engagement, immediately.
Makes it easy to be a manager. Puls clarifies what is most important to develop in your team and how to do it.

Creates awesome leaders. Self-coaching modules that develop you as a leader based on your individual results.

Puls pulsande medarbetarundersökning
Puls is easy to use on mobile, tablet or laptop. Answer questions as often as you want.
Puls coaches employees to take action, that enables participation and employee engagement, immediately!
As a leader, you get views that are easy to understand. Our AI prioritizes and coaches you as a leader in how to develop your team and your leadership.

Pulse is a tool that we continuously work with and we see the results in real time. Our managers can directly create a dialogue with their employees about the result and their action plans.

Åse BandlingHR Director Feelgood

Pulse is a tool that not only measures but also makes employees involved and helps managers to prioritize in a way that we have not seen in any other tool.

Sofie Barck AbrahamssonHR Manager Sigma Connectivity

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