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For the HR Manager

Is the team returning to the office to increase creativity?

Many organizations are currently looking at how to return to office, and it is also discussed if and how working remotely will continue. Several organizations have realized that working remotely

Viktiga frågor att ställa i en anställningsintervju
For the HR Manager

Important questions to ask in a job interview

To recruit correctly is not always that easy, and to ask the right questions in a job interview can also be a bit tricky. As a future employer you clearly

varför är det så viktigt med förtroendet i ett team
For the Manager

Why is trust so important in a team?

Many people consider it obvious that high trust within a team is necessary for the team to work and perform well. We agree 100% with this. Did you also know

after action review
For the Manager

Improve your team with After Action Reviews

To conduct After Action Reviews (AAR) with teams originates from the US Army, and it has proven to be a very efficient way to promote development and performance in a

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