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Measures and drives change


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  • Measuring development and willingness to change
  • Helps project management to make the right decisions and focus on the right things in the change process
  • Continuous measurements, results and changes in real time
  • Immediate personal feedback and individual action plans
  • Increases employee engagement
  • The tool consists of two parts:
    • ChangeDriver–Project, which focus on project participants and stakeholders
    • ChangeDriver–Adoption, addressing the recipients of the result

Change is nothing new, there have been changes in all organizations at all times. But we live in a changing age where globalization and digitalisation are increasing the pace of society and at the same time contribute to increased general complexity and competition.

Resistance to change or a failed change project is often due to a lack of communication or ambiguity in roles and responsibilities. Although the employees are the most important focus group, because it is those who implement the change, it is usually that they have not received the right or sufficient information about why the change is happening and what it will mean for them.

We increase the possibilities for a successful change by working with recurring measurements so that we can quickly correct efforts and activities and bring everyone on the change journey.

ChangeDriver helps projects to continuously measure on an individual level how project work and change are actually experienced and not least lived. The measurement tool gives us an indication of how employees feel and how they perceive project work, the new way of working, what kind of information is missing and how we can adapt working methods to actual needs.