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“Pulse meters are a tool that we continuously work with and we see the results in real time. Our managers can directly create a dialogue with the employees about the results and their action plans”

Åse Bandling, HR Chef Feelgood

Common challenges our customers have told us about

  • Low ownership: ”it’s someone else’s fault”.
  • Uses employee engagement surveys that only asks questions: drives a victim mentality “it’s someone else’s responsibility to fix it”.
  • High workload and expectations on HR and managers to analyze and drive improvements linked to regular employee surveys.
  • Often extensive action plans connected to the result from the employee engagement survey, hard to follow through.
  • How to turn opinions and data into behavioral changes that are visible in measurable results?

PulsMeter coachande medarbetarundersökning

  • Immediate personal feedback and individual action plans.
  • Continuous measurements, results and changes in real time.
  • A coaching engagement platform that drives behavioral changes and responsibility, small steps in the right direction, which is visible and measured in business goals.
  • Makes it easier for HR and managers. As a manager, you see what your employees intend to do in the near future.
  • Implements your strategy, your change projects and increases employee engagement.
  • Methodology and tool is based on research.

“We chose to work with Puls Solutions and their tool PulsMeter, because we wanted a tool that not only measures and collects data but also drives behaviors and supports the managers and the organization. PulsMeter coaches our employees in how everyone can be involved and PulsMeter helps the managers in quick analysis and prioritize what is most important.”

Liselott Sjöbeck, HR Manager Skurups Sparbank.

“We chose PulsMeter to get a modern tool that focuses on the well-being of our colleagues as a critical part of the company’s continued success. PulsMeter fits well into our agile thinking of working and increases the ability to keep our team together despite our employees working scattered with many different customers.”

Håkan Ramberg, VD Knowit Quality Services Syd AB