Work with one-on-one meetings in Pulsᐩ

One-on-one meetings is one of the most powerful tools you can use as a leader. Plan and follow up your one-on-one meetings in a fast and efficient way in Pulsᐩ.

Pulsᐩ Solution - en till en möten

How do one-on-one meetings work in Pulsᐩ?

Pulsᐩ Solution - Skapa och bjud in till en till en möten
Få förslag på agenda
Bjud in och lägg in i er kalender

Create one-on-one meetings and send invitations

Create valuable one-on-one meetings and invite your coworkers in Pulsᐩ. You get immediate suggestions for agenda points, and in the invitation sent you get a link to schedule the meeting in your calendar.

Take notes and follow up meetings

Create meeting notes in Pulsᐩ and follow up on what you talked about in previous meetings. Quickly and easily you get a good structure to gather your one-on-one meetings with each coworker.

Pulsᐩ Solution - Anteckna och spara möten
Follow up on previous meetings
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Take notes
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