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en-till-en möte på distans
For the Manager

How to conduct one-on-one meetings remotely

Here you can find an agenda template and concrete advice on how to conduct one-on-one meetings remotely To lead remotely (and leadership in general, for that matter) is a craft.

Så skapar du som ledare inkludering på riktigt
For the Manager

How to create real inclusion as a leader

Why should we as leaders create inclusion? Inclusion is the actions that an individual is met by every day at their work place – behaviors, treatment, group norms, leadership, and structures. A

varför medarbetare byter jobb
For the Manager

The real reasons why people change jobs

Have you got many coworkers who chose to change jobs during the pandemic? You are not alone. Right now, staff turnover is generally high. Many have reflected over their work

hur du tar ledigt i jul utan att stressa
For the Manager

How to take time off this Christmas without stress

It is Christmas again – take time off without stress It is now Christmas again, which hopefully means a bit free time and relaxation. Unfortunately, many people find it difficult

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