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Fastnar du lätt i gamla mönster och rutiner som chef? Var modig och genomför förändringar när det behövs!
For the Manager

Do you easily get stuck in old patterns and routines as a manager? Be brave and implement changes when needed!

As a manager, it’s easy to get stuck in old patterns. It’s sometimes easier said than done to try something new and break away from established routines. Every industry looks different and therefore has different conditions and needs for change. Some industries embrace innovative leadership, consistently investing in new changes, while others adhere to the

Varför ska du arbeta med resultatet av en medarbetarundersökning
For the Manager

Actively working with the results – what is not measured cannot be improved

To enhance the overall performance of the organization and achieve successful work, collaboration and commitment from employees are required, where everyone participates, contributes, and actively engages with the results. This is crucial for creating a positive work environment. Some points that explain why it is important to continuously work with the results after the measurement

For the Manager

Good communication – A key factor for a successful and well-functioning organization

Communication in the workplace is a prerequisite for success within an organization and holds paramount significance for several reasons. It serves as a tool for coordinating and fostering collaboration among leadership, managers, and employees. Through effective communication, we can clearly understand and exchange information with one another, thus helping us prevent the emergence of misunderstandings.

For the Manager

Authentic Leadership – Are you an authentic leader?

All people have more or less experience in exercising leadership without being aware of it. Leadership is about who you are as a person, how you view life, and how you engage and influence others in accomplishing a common task. We assume leadership roles without thinking about it as parents, teachers, in community organizations, or

For the Manager

What motivates you to do a good job?

Individuals have different needs and are therefore motivated by various factors in the workplace. Motivation is about a driving force and is a form of energy to act. It refers to the internal or external influence that drives and sustains an individual’s behavior or actions. It is the force that directs, sustains, and initiates a


Health and well-being! How do you become an attractive employer, and what do you value in your workplace to feel well?

Health and well-being in your workplace The good health and well-being of employees are of utmost importance for the entire organization. Both physical and mental health significantly affect employees, as it directly influences their ability to perform their job tasks effectively. Good health enhances employees’ productivity, creativity, and engagement, as it provides them with more

For the Manager

Three different ways to give constructive feedback

Three different ways to give constructive feedback Feedback is fundamental to a well-functioning workplace and revolves around strengthening and aiding your employees in their development. Constructive feedback is valuable input and an effective tool that can also serve as a guide. For instance, by affirming, positively enhancing behavior, and guiding employees in the right direction

For the Manager

What is the best approach for giving positive feedback? Is it solely the responsibility of managers to provide positive feedback?

What is the best approach for giving positive feedback? Is it solely the responsibility of managers to provide positive feedback? Positive feedback is a powerful feedback tool used to acknowledge and reinforce positive behavior and performance in the workplace or within a company. The primary focus is on highlighting an individual’s strengths and successes to

Working with feedback using the feedback staircase

Working with feedback using the feedback staircase The key to effective leadership and good communication largely lies in the ability to both give and receive constructive feedback. This helps employees develop and perform better. The feedback staircase is a model that explains various stages of feedback in a professional manner, showing how receptive and open

AI i rekryteringsprocessen

How is AI used in the recruitment process?

How do you use AI in the recruitment process? A well-executed recruitment process is a must for companies and organizations. It is also one of the areas where artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to make a significant difference. Recruitment has traditionally been an intensive labor process, requiring time and resources to identify, evaluate, and

Enkla vanor som boostar ditt välbefinnande på jobbet
For the Team

Simple habits that boost your well-being at work

Simple daily habits can make a big difference to your well-being at work. Nataly Kogan describes in an article in HBR six different habits you can perform to increase your well-being: Do a daily check-in with yourself: Ask yourself: How am I feeling today? How do I feel? Don’t judge your answers or try to

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