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guide för nya ledare
For the Manager

Becoming a leader – A guide for new leaders!

Becoming a manager for the first time is an exhilarating experience, filled with opportunities for personal growth and the learning of new skills. However, it is also a journey fraught with challenges that can test your resilience, adaptability, and communication skills. As a leader, you are presented with a unique opportunity to shape the business

For the Manager

Transformative leadership: The key to success in modern companies

We are living in a changeable world where many companies are confronted with the challenge of not merely adapting but also steering the course of change. What is Transformative Leadership? Transformative leadership stands out as a leadership style where the leader not only unveils a clear vision but also actively imparts it to their employees.

fyll ditt påskägg med arbetsglädje
For the Manager

What do you want to fill your Easter egg with to create job satisfaction at your workplace?

Easter week is underway, marking a period characterized by historical and cultural rituals where many deviate from the mundane to honor and remember. Why not fill the Easter egg with more than just chocolate? Let’s think beyond the usual and create Easter eggs that can truly make a difference for our colleagues and our work

manlig chef och klimakteriet
For the HR Manager

Are you a male manager? Then you should tune in to the next Puls Campfire to learn about menopause and its impact on your employees

Addressing the effects of menopause in the workplace can pose a significant challenge, perhaps especially for male managers who neither have personal experience nor understand the extent to which menopause can actually affect a woman. Many managers lack knowledge about menopause The subject is often shrouded in taboo despite the fact that menopause is something

Klimakteriet på arbetsplatsen
For the HR Manager

How can employers provide support to women in the workplace who are going through menopause?

We aim to spotlight the topic of menopause in the workplace, a subject that is currently under-discussed. There is a pressing need to enhance awareness in workplaces as both women and men today possess limited knowledge about menopause. Many women are unprepared when they enter menopause and do not know what to expect. Did you

For the Manager

The three different phases of menopause and how you as a woman are affected

All women experience menopause at some point as it is a natural part of life. Exactly when menopause occurs is highly individual and can vary greatly. We want to raise the topic of menopause to discuss how it affects a woman’s performance in the workplace and what you, as an employer, can do to support

For the Manager

Ergonomics in the workplace – A proactive responsibility for all employers

Ergonomics is about adapting the work environment and tasks to the physiological and psychological capacity of humans. It is a subject area that not only affects how we sit or stand but also encompasses every element of our interaction with the workplace. By taking a holistic approach to design, the layout of equipment and tools,

For the Manager

Did you know that the sports holiday has its roots linked to World War II?

It might not be widely known why we have a week dedicated to sports holiday in Sweden. During weeks 7-10, depending on the region, school children enjoy a sports holiday, and many adults also take this time off. It’s a beloved winter break where many either travel for a vacation or stay home to relax

Alla hjärtans dag
For the Manager

A Week of Care and Appreciation – Valentine’s Day at the Workplace

As February approaches its heart, the 14th to be precise, our thoughts turn to Valentine’s Day—a day dedicated to love and friendship. However, this occasion need not be confined solely to the romantic relationships in our lives. Why not broaden the circle to include those we spend so much of our time with—our colleagues? The

Broloppet långsiktigt mål
For the Team

How can you use the SMART-principle in your health journey? Do you have a long-term goal to run the Broloppet in 2025?

The Öresund Bridge, which connects Sweden and Denmark, was built in 2000 and will celebrate its 25th anniversary next year. The celebration involves the organization of the Bridge Run 2025, which many are looking forward to during their anniversary year. Öresund Bridge – Why was the bridge built between Sweden and Denmark? The bridge connects

For the Manager

Eating well and exercising right don’t have to be difficult

Creating the right conditions for oneself to feel good doesn’t have to be difficult. Even with a hectic workday, you can enhance your well-being by making small changes to your routine with proper planning. Exercise and Diet The connection between diet and exercise is well-known. It’s not just about how much you consume, but what

Psykisk ohälsa
For the Manager

How do you early on detect mental health issues in your employees?

There is a growing discussion and awareness today regarding mental health, more so than in the past, but it is still not sufficient. Discussing a damaged leg, knee, or other surgeries involving different parts of the body is not particularly taboo, and many openly share their experiences, traumas, and injuries. Mental health, depression, and anxiety

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