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For the Manager

What is the best approach for giving positive feedback? Is it solely the responsibility of managers to provide positive feedback?

What is the best approach for giving positive feedback? Is it solely the responsibility of managers to provide positive feedback? Positive feedback is a powerful feedback tool used to acknowledge and reinforce positive behavior and performance in the workplace or within a company. The primary focus is on highlighting an individual’s strengths and successes to


Working with feedback using the feedback staircase

Working with feedback using the feedback staircase The key to effective leadership and good communication largely lies in the ability to both give and receive constructive feedback. This helps employees develop and perform better. The feedback staircase is a model that explains various stages of feedback in a professional manner, showing how receptive and open

AI i rekryteringsprocessen

How is AI used in the recruitment process?

How do you use AI in the recruitment process? A well-executed recruitment process is a must for companies and organizations. It is also one of the areas where artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to make a significant difference. Recruitment has traditionally been an intensive labor process, requiring time and resources to identify, evaluate, and

Enkla vanor som boostar ditt välbefinnande på jobbet
For the Team

Simple habits that boost your well-being at work

Simple daily habits can make a big difference to your well-being at work. Nataly Kogan describes in an article in HBR six different habits you can perform to increase your well-being: Do a daily check-in with yourself: Ask yourself: How am I feeling today? How do I feel? Don’t judge your answers or try to

Ladda om, fokusera och boosta ditt team inför andra halvan av 2023

Reload, refocus, and boost yourself and your team for the second half of 2023

Ah, the delightful summer vacation has come to an end. But once the last grains of sand have been brushed off from the shoes, it’s time to return to the working world with renewed energy and commitment. Coming back to work after the holiday can be anxiety-inducing for some, but it’s also an opportunity to

Så startar du efter semestern

Back at work? This is how to get started after the vacation.

Hope your vacation has been fantastic! Or maybe you still have a few days off left before it’s time to get back to work? Either way, we believe it’s important to try to keep that positive vacation feeling alive to ease the transition back to the work routine. Here are three tips: Take the time

Så ökar du deltagandet i pulsundersökningar
For the Manager

How to increase participation in pulse surveys

Pulse measurements and employee surveys are valuable tools for measuring employees’ well-being, motivation, and engagement. The data collected from these surveys provide insights into areas of improvement, help identify potential issues, and enable you to take proactive measures to enhance the employee experience. However, achieving maximum participation in the surveys can sometimes be a challenge.

investera i medarbetarengagemang
For the Manager

Why it pays off to invest in employee engagement

Companies and organizations are constantly striving to gain various competitive advantages. Many focus on reducing costs, increasing productivity, or implementing new technologies, but one of the most important competitive advantages is: employee engagement. To invest in employee engagement is not just about various ‘feel-good’ initiatives; it is about investing in activities that provide tangible benefits

Maximera vinsten av pulsmätningar med internkommunikation
For the HR Manager

Maximize the profit from pulse measurements through internal communication

Many organizations have recognized the value of having engaged employees and prioritize it highly in their strategies. An effective way to continuously work on employee engagement is to measure employees’ engagement and well-being through pulse surveys. The pulse surveys can vary in scope and frequency to fit your organization’s specific needs. The value of pulse

Pulsᐩ Solution
For the HR Manager

How HR can benefit from engagement measurements

HR teams play a crucial role in ensuring employee well-being, engagement, and productivity in today’s workplaces. Engagement measurements are a powerful tool that helps HR teams focus on the right areas. Real-time feedback enables HR teams to gain valuable insights into employee well-being, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions. In this blog post,

Räkna ut personalomsättningen och vad den kostar
For the HR Manager

How do you calculate employee turnover and what it costs?

Employee turnover is a common challenge that many employers face, and it can be costly if not managed effectively. Employee turnover refers to the rate at which employees leave an organization and are replaced by new hires. Understanding how to calculate employee turnover and the costs associated with it, can help employers make informed decisions

prata med en person som inte håller sin del av gruppens överenskommelser
For the Team

How to talk to a person who is not keeping their part of the group’s agreements?

Working in a group is an important part of life and the workplace. When working with other people, it is often necessary to make agreements to achieve a common goal. However, sometimes a person in the group may not keep their part of the agreement, which can lead to frustration and stress for the other

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