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An Employee Relationship Management platform that coaches employees and managers to feel and perform better.

Why Pulsᐩ

Kolla in Pulsᐩ, Pulsᐩ Solution - ERM Plattform
Pulsᐩ Solution - ERM Plattform
Pulsᐩ Solution - ERM Plattform
Pulsᐩ Solution - ERM Plattform

Engage employees

We often hear that there is a victim mentality in organizations: “it is someone else’s fault”. Employee surveys that only ask questions and collect data tend to give employees even more reasons to become a victim.  Pulsᐩ asks employees to think, but also coaches them on how they can take responsibility and have influence.

Pulsᐩ Solution - ERM Plattform

Free up your time

Pulsᐩ coaches employees on how they can have influence and also makes smart recommendations for what is most important for the manager to work with. It is easy to analyze your results and to start acting quickly on what is most important for each team. Of course, you can dive into the data for deeper analysis and segment it as you wish.

Pulsᐩ Solution - ERM Plattform

Easy to use

Employees and managers find it easy and fun to work with Pulsᐩ. It is an interactive tool that can be used on different platforms: computer, ipad or smartphone. We have a solid process with our customers to ensure a high response rate and that managers know how and why they should act.

Pulsᐩ Solution - ERM Plattform
We want you to succeed

Pulsᐩ micro-coaches the managers on how they should actually act to build on their strengths or work with opportunities to improve. Our customer success managers are there for you. They have a high level of expertise and long experience from several different areas and will help you to succeed.

Pulsᐩ Solution - ERM Plattform

AI with focus on actions

Each employee receives their personal feedback directly and creates their own action plan. As a manager, you get a forecast on what your employees intend to act on. Our AI based algorithms recognize patterns in the data and coach the manager with smart recommendations that are tailored to the results of that particular team.

Pulsᐩ Solution - ERM Plattform

Based on research

The questions and methodology in Pulsᐩ have been developed together with researchers from Lund University. There is also a study done by the same researchers who has validated and reliability tested Pulsᐩ.

An increase of 5% in employee engagement is directly linked to an increase of 3% in sales growth in subsequent years
2017 Trends in Global Employee Engagement
Report, Aon

Ask questions and drive behaviors

Choose how often and how big measurements you want to make. Pulsᐩ collects data and at the same time coaches employees to take their own responsibility to influence where they can.

Pulsᐩ Solution - OSA - AFS - Mätning
Pulsᐩ Solution
Increases personal responsibility
Develops the team
Improves leadership

Analyze and act

The data is presented in real time and provides a quick overview. Our algorithms see patterns in the data and give the manager smart recommendations on what is most important to act on for his or her team, and how to do this.

Segment and compare the data according to your needs.

Enable super powers in your team by short on-on-one meetings

One-on-one meetings is one of the most powerful tools you can use as a leader. Pulsᐩ gives you smart proposals for you to discuss with your team. Schedule, log and follow up your meetings in an easy and effective way. 

Smart one-on-one meetings in Pulsᐩ
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