Make your team feel and perform better​

An AI-based ERM-platform that coaches employees and managers to feel and perform better.


Pulsᐩ is an Employee Relationship Management platform that makes it easy for you as a manager to create prosperous teams that perform better.


Pulsᐩ Solution - ERM Plattform

Increase employee responsibility

The employees express their opinions but also take responsibility. Puls+ enables participation and employee engagement, immediately.

Pulsᐩ Solution - Utvecklar teamet

Develops the team

Makes it easy for the team. Puls+ clarifies what is most important to develop in your team and how to do it.

Pulsᐩ Solution - Förbättrar ledarskapet

Improves the leadership

Creates awesome leaders. Self-coaching modules that develop you as a leader based on your individual results.

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Puls Solutions

Develop leaders, teams and employees with Pulsᐩ

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