How to increase employee engagement by working with the 2030 Agenda

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That the 2030 Agenda can increase employee engagement might not be the first thing that springs to mind when you read the UN Sustainable Development Agenda. The 2030 Agenda consists of 17 global goals with 169 sub-goals in total.

The global goals and the 2030 Agenda aims to end poverty and hunger, realise human rights for all, achieve gender equality and empower all vomen and girls and a long-lasting protection of the planet and its natural resources.

There are many upsides with working with the global goals and one of them is that it can actually help you increase employee engagement at your work place. We will explain how.

What makes us engaged?

Before we go into how the 2030 Agenda can help increasing employee engagement, we will shortly repeat the factors that make people motivated and engaged.

According to motivational research (Self Determination Theory), an individual’s inner motivation can be increased by satisfying three basic psychological needs:

  • Autonomy: means that we want a purpose and a meaning with what we do, and we also want to feel that we can influence and be part of deciding how, where and when we will work towards that purpose.
  • Competence: means that we want to feel capable and develop, we want to get credit and get better at what we do towards the purpose that we are passionate about.
  • Relatedness: means that we want to work with others that we trust, thrive with, and respect.


How you increase employee engagement by working with the 2030 Agenda

Many organizations know about and work with satisfying the basic needs in the motivational theory, but one of the biggest challenges for many is defining their purpose: why does our organization exist and what do we contribute with?

Sometimes a clear purpose (a why) is completely missing in an organization and sometimes the purpose gets a bit “strained”.

It is seldom enough to have a purpose meaning that we should make more money for the share holders or to work to get a salary. For many people, this is more of a hygiene factor. You need a better and clearer purpose for your business, about something bigger, that really gets the employees going.

How do we take part of changing the world when we work here at our work place?

By analyzing your value chain you can see how you influence different goals in the 2030 Agenda. It can obviously be both positive and negative influence. Organizations who clearly identify goals from the 2030 Agenda which they already contribute to, or want to contribute more to, creates a very clear purpose for the organization and the employees. It gets crystal clear how you, by doing your job every day, can contribute to a better world.

This creates engagement for real!

At Puls Solutions we have made this analysis and you can read more about how we contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Agenda here (in Swedish).

So if you have not already taken a closer look at the 2030 Agenda, it is time to start doing it now. Because surely you also want to be part of contributing to a better world and clarify this for yourselves?

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