Improve your health by reducing sedentary behavior when you work at home (and at work)

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For many, a sedentary behavior has increased along with the increase of working from home.

At work, many have access to a desk with adjustable height and many move around naturally when walking between different meetings and places. When you work from home, these movements don’t happen as naturally in your everyday life. This can have negative consequences for our health as well as for our backs and necks.

Ensuring that you move regularly is very important to counteract the health effects.

This is how your body is affected by increased sedentary behavior

In studies made before the pandemic, it has been estimated that we spend on average 9-10 hours sitting on our backsides every day (Runners’ world no.2, March 2021). This number is probably higher now with all working from home.

The risk for many different illnesses (in Swedish) increases when you sit still too much. Here are some effects on your body and health if you sit still too much:

  • pain in your back and neck
  • cancer
  • depression and anxiety
  • obesity, diabetes and heart disease
  • blood clots


It is easy to counteract sedentary behavior

Fortunately, it is easy to counteract sedentary behavior but it is not enough just to move around once a day. Make sure to move a bit at least every hour. Set a timer to remind you or buy an activity clock.

Here is an example showing what you can do during the day to counteract sedentary behavior:

07.30: Take a morning walk before work. You get oxygen into your brain and wake up a bit.

09:00: Go to the kitchen and get some morning coffee. If you are already sitting in the kitchen, walk an extra lap.

09:30: Time for a refill, get some more coffee and walk an extra lap.

10.00: Stand up, open the window and inhale some air, and grab the opportunity to drink some water.

11:00 Do 5 squats.

12:00 Take a walk during your lunch break.

14:00: Stand up and roll your shoulders and turn your head to soften up the back of your neck.

15:00: Go to the kitchen and drink a glass of water.

16:00: Stand up and do 5 toe lifts.

17:00: Finish the work day with a walk.

Do you think it is unreasonable to have time to move like we suggest?

If you don’t have time to take a walk three times a day, so at least make a try. Take a lap around the block or out on the yard. It takes maximum 10 minutes.

The exercises we suggest take maximum 1 minute to perform. Surely you can set off 1 minute each 60 minutes to invest in your health?

If you don’t have time to make coffee or drink water, you should probably think about how you plan your work day.

So go ahead and start already today and fight for a better health by sitting still less.

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