Does your team have the best conditions for a top performance?

Har ditt team de bästa förutsättningarna för att prestera på topp?

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As a leader of a team, you obviously want your team to perform at their best, and you probably also want your team members to feel well while they perform.

But how do you know if you have the right conditions to perform in your team? You can of course do pulse surveys in your team, but a quick and easy way is to first consider if you are a real team or a pseudo team.

We will explain what this means, and how you as a leader can start creating as good conditions as possible for your team to perform and feel well.

What is a team?

A team is a group of individuals (two or more), who:

  • Are considered by themselves and others as a social unit, where it is clear who are and who are not included.
  • Have a common goal and purpose.
  • Are depending of each other and need to co-operate to reach the goal and purpose.
  • Communicate regularly with each other to reflect on the co-operation and what could be improved.

Research separate real teams from pseudo teams. A pseudo team is a constellation of people who work in close connection to each other and call themselves a team, but who do not really have the properties required to be a real team.

Are you working in a pseudo team?

Answer the following questions to clarify if you are a real team or a pseudo team:

  1. Do you have clear targets in your team?
  2. Is close co-operation within the team required to reach these targets?
  3. Is it totally clear who is part of the team and who is not?
  4. Do you meet regularly in your team to evaluate how you work together and how you can improve that?

If you say YES to all questions, you are working in a real team. If you say NO to the first question, you are not working in a team at all. If you say YES to the first question and then no to any of the others, you are part of a pseudo team.

Why is this interesting for me as a leader?

People who are part of real teams feel and perform better. People who are part of a pseudo team are less innovative, less efficient, more stressed and more likely to quit than those who are part of a real team.*

Therefore, it is important that you as a leader create as good conditions as possible for you to be a real team.

This is something you do by:

  • Being clear about who is part of your team and who is not.
  • Having clear targets (preferably created together), which are firmly established and understood by the team members.
  • Making sure that the team’s work tasks require co-operation to succeeding in reaching your targets.
  • Giving space for reflection and feedback in the team: what works well, what can improve, etc.

 Lyubovnikova, J., West, M. A., Dawson, J. F., & Carter, M. (2015). 24-Karat or fool’s gold? Consequences of authentic and pseudo team membership in healthcare organizations. European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology, 24, 929-950.

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