Four important questions to ask staff working remotely

fyra frågor till medarbetare på distans

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Are you struggling with creating a sense of belonging in your team when you work remotely?

Perhaps you feel pressure from your team that you as the leader should have all the answers, but it is more important that you ask the right questions.

Here are four questions you can ask your team to find out how they feel, and show that you really care about them:

1. How is your energy level now when we work remotely?

This question takes the “pulse” on your coworker. Since you ask about “energy level”, it also gives the other person an opportunity to say that they might feel more worn and exhausted than normally. You want an honest answer to how they actually feel, so that you can support them as a leader.

Suggestions to follow-up questions:

  • Which are your tricks to to gain energy now when you work at home?
  • Are there any tasks or projects that feel heavier than normal? Can I or someone else in the team support you somehow with these?

2. What concern do you feel around our team or organization, if any?

You might feel a bit nervous asking this question? Perhaps you think that you don’t want to wake up a sleeping bear?

But be brave, because the only way you can counteract a prospective concern in your team is by first knowing what it is. Giving your team a chance to tell you what they worry about is also a good way to deal with the concern: they can put words on their feelings and share this.

Suggestions to follow-up questions:

  • How can we communicate in a better way to reduce your concern about X?
  • Is there anything you miss coming week, to be able to feel safe about this?


3. Do you have what you need to do a good job?

Most people want to do a good job, and find ways to engage themselves at work. But it is very disengaging when something or someone puts sticks in the wheel so that you lose your flow. So make sure that the staff in your team have what they need to do a good job.

Suggestions to follow-up questions:

  • Is it clear to you what needs to be done and what the expected result is?
  • Do you have enough time to be able to do this? Can I help you prioritizing, so that you will be able to finish on time?
  • Is it clear to you what this task leads to, and how you contribute to the team’s targets?


4. Is there anything I can do to make you feel well and do a good job working remotely?

This might well be the most important question to ask coworkers working remotely. The answer to this question gives you direct hints if there is anything you can start doing, stop doing, or continuing doing as a leader.

Suggestions to follow-up questions:

  • When during the day are you most efficient? Is there anything I can do to help you work uninterrupted during that time?
  • Is there anything that feels unclear right now in what I am communicating?
  • What do you think I could change in my leadership style to support you better, when we work remotely?

Regardless of how you use these questions, at least try one question to one coworker next week. Reflect over what happens in that dialogue.

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