Back at work? This is how to get started after the vacation.

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Så startar du efter semestern

Hope your vacation has been fantastic! Or maybe you still have a few days off left before it’s time to get back to work? Either way, we believe it’s important to try to keep that positive vacation feeling alive to ease the transition back to the work routine. Here are three tips:

  • Take the time to greet your colleagues and ask how they are. This will not only help you stay informed about what has happened while you were away, but also foster a sense of connection and community.
  • Have an object that reminds you of something you experienced during your vacation close to your workspace. Whether it’s a seashell or a wallpaper on your mobile screen, a tangible reminder of a pleasant moment can help maintain the positive atmosphere.

Good luck and enjoy the end of the summer, wishes Puls!

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