Reload, refocus, and boost yourself and your team for the second half of 2023

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Ladda om, fokusera och boosta ditt team inför andra halvan av 2023

Ah, the delightful summer vacation has come to an end. But once the last grains of sand have been brushed off from the shoes, it’s time to return to the working world with renewed energy and commitment. Coming back to work after the holiday can be anxiety-inducing for some, but it’s also an opportunity to take advantage of the energy you’ve gained from your time off and channel it by boosting your team. Here are some tips for you as a manager on how to boost yourself and your team for the upcoming autumn.

Reflect before you begin to act

Before you dive headfirst into your routines at work, take a moment to reflect on the experiences from your vacation. Is there something you’ve learned from your experiences, or perhaps from a book you’ve read? How can you apply those lessons to your leadership role? Maybe you discovered new cultures, met new people, gained new insights, or faced unexpected challenges – these encounters can offer fresh perspectives and innovative approaches to the challenges your team will face in the autumn. Also, take some general time to reflect on your leadership: what are you doing well, what should you continue doing, and what should you do less of? Here’s a guide (in Swedish) you can use as you reflect. Use this reflection time to gain insights that can guide you in the development of your leadership style and your team.

Use your energy to enhance your resilience

Stepping back from everyday stress gives you the opportunity to recharge your mental and emotional batteries. Use this renewed energy to imbue your leadership with positivity and resilience. Ask your team members about their holidays and what they did. Listen and genuinely care. Share your vacation stories with your team: it makes you more relatable as a leader (showing that you too enjoy time off), and it also inspires your team to prioritize their own well-being. A well-rested leader is better equipped to handle stress, make strategic decisions, and support their team in achieving their goals.

Review your goals and how you will achieve them

Review your goals for the autumn to ensure they are clear to everyone. Break down larger objectives into smaller, achievable tasks to ensure a steady and progressive pace. Communicate these goals to your team, involve them, and discuss the purpose of these goals and how you plan to fulfill them. Use the creativity, which you hopefully have gained more of during the vacation, to brainstorm innovative strategies that can drive your team’s productivity and growth.

Build upon the cohesion within your team

The vacation period might have created a temporary void in your team, but it also provides an opportunity to strengthen the bonds now that you’re back. Take time to reconnect with each team member individually, and show genuine interest in how they feel about the upcoming autumn. Organize a simple team-building event or a lunch with the team to reestablish connections. Remember that a strong sense of cohesion and trust is crucial for a high-performing team.

Returning to work after a vacation isn’t just about catching up on emails and meetings – it’s about leveraging the valuable lessons and inspiration you’ve gained from your time away to elevate your leadership and drive your team towards new successes. Seize this opportunity to reflect, recharge, and strengthen the cohesion within the team. Remember, the work in the autumn will be much more enjoyable if you have a motivated and engaged team. Moreover, it will also yield better results.

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