How to conduct your first one-to-one meeting with a new coworker

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Have you got a coworker who have just joined, and it is time to have your first one-to-one meeting? 

Then you should read this blog post. Here are some tips on questions and discussion topics to use in your first one-to-one meeting. 


– How have you felt during your first weeks with us?

– What has made you happy? 

– What has made you concerned or less happy?


– When have you felt frustrated during your first weeks here?

– What feels unclear? 

– How clear are the expectations on you? 

– Are there any decisions that you need help on, to be able to move on?

– Which behaviors have you observed and reflected on, in our team?


– Would you like more or less feedback on your work?

– Would you like more or less guidance from me?

– How do you experience your work load?

– In which parts of your work would you like more help or coaching?

– How can I improve my leadership style?


– If you would be proud over something that you accomplish within a year, what would that be?

– What can we do already now, to help you with your long term targets in your development?

By the end of the one-to-one meeting, please set off five minutes to discuss what you bring with you and your next step. It is a good idea to book your next meeting already now. 

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