Maximize the profit from pulse measurements through internal communication

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Maximera vinsten av pulsmätningar med internkommunikation

Many organizations have recognized the value of having engaged employees and prioritize it highly in their strategies. An effective way to continuously work on employee engagement is to measure employees’ engagement and well-being through pulse surveys. The pulse surveys can vary in scope and frequency to fit your organization’s specific needs.

The value of pulse surveys can be maximized by combining them with efficient internal communication strategies. In this blog post, we will discuss how organizations can use internal communication (link in Swedish) to enhance the value of their pulse surveys and, consequently, increase employee engagement.

Be transparent with the results from the pulse surveys and communicate them to all employees

After each pulse survey, communicate the results to all employees. It demonstrates that their feedback is taken seriously and also provides an opportunity to celebrate successes and identify areas for improvement. Utilize all available internal communication channels to share the results, such as email, the intranet, and team meetings.

Encourage two-way communication

Pulse surveys should not be a one-way communication. Encourage employees to provide feedback and suggestions beyond the survey questions. Foster a culture of open communication and demonstrate appreciation for employee input by responding to their comments, questions, and suggestions. Be attentive to employees who take initiative to improve different areas, praise and acknowledge such behaviors – in this way, you will see more of it in the future.

Take action based on feedback

Once the results have been communicated, it is important to take action based on the feedback you have received. Develop and maintain an action plan based on the results from your pulse surveys and regularly communicate what is being done to employees. Involve employees so that they can take ownership and contribute to the process. This demonstrates that their feedback is taken seriously and that the organization is committed to making positive changes, together.

Provide context to survey questions

Sometimes survey questions can be misunderstood or interpreted differently by different individuals. Provide context to the questions to ensure that employees understand their meaning. Explain, for example, why certain questions are being asked, what the organization hopes to achieve by asking these questions, and how the results will be used. Also, emphasize that the answers to the questions are subjective. The purpose of the questions is usually to gather indicators of what needs further discussion and clarification in real-life situations, rather than obtaining answers to everything in exact detail.

Utilize internal communication to increase response rates and engagement

Pulse surveys are only useful if employees participate by responding and then working with the results in their teams. Use internal communication channels to encourage participation and emphasize the importance of their feedback. Explain how the results will be used and how the organization is committed to making positive changes based on feedback. Communicate examples of how different teams and individuals within those teams are working with the results to achieve success. What are they accomplishing and what benefits do they see? What can you learn from each other?

Pulse surveys provide valuable insights into employee engagement and well-being, but they are most effective when combined with effective internal communication strategies. By being transparent, encouraging two-way communication, taking action on feedback, providing context, and driving response rates, organizations can use pulse surveys to enhance employee engagement and build a more positive workplace culture.

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