Simple habits that boost your well-being at work

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Enkla vanor som boostar ditt välbefinnande på jobbet

Simple daily habits can make a big difference to your well-being at work. Nataly Kogan describes in an article in HBR six different habits you can perform to increase your well-being:

  • Do a daily check-in with yourself: Ask yourself: How am I feeling today? How do I feel? Don’t judge your answers or try to immediately “fix” anything. Just become aware.
  • Take a few short, high-quality breaks. The keyword here is “quality.” This means doing something that helps you disconnect from work, refuel, and recharge your batteries.
  • Practice accepting stressful situations and focus on what you can control. This involves two steps: First, accept the situation and focus on the facts. Then identify an action you could take to move a step closer to a solution.
  • Check in with your colleagues. Make sure to greet your colleagues with genuine enthusiasm when you’re in a meeting or when you see them for the first time during the day. Ask a colleague how they are doing and listen to the answer without trying to solve anything.
  • Be grateful for something. A simple daily gratitude exercise is to write down three things you appreciate every evening. By practicing gratitude, you train your brain to widen its perspective and focus its attention on things that are positive and meaningful.
  • Recharge after work. It’s important to spend your free time on things you enjoy and that give you energy. Take up a hobby, read a book, work in the garden, engage in physical activity, or get involved in children’s sports. The key is to do something that energizes you and nurtures your non-work-related self.

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