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For the Manager

How to manage conflicts as a manager

It is inevitable that conflicts arise between employees sometimes. It can range from a small dispute to a serious conflict that affects the entire work environment. As a manager, it is your responsibility to handle these conflicts in a professional and effective manner. In this blog post, we will give you some tips on how

Hur ska du som chef prata med en medarbetare som inte presterar?
For the Manager

How should you as a manager handle an employee who is not performing?

As a manager, dealing with employees who are not performing up to expectations can be a challenging task. It can be a sensitive issue that requires a thoughtful approach. Here are some tips on how to talk to an employee who is not performing: Address the issue promptly It’s important to address the issue as

For the Manager

What should I do as a manager if my team doesn’t listen to me?

Here are some tips on how you, as a manager, can act if your team does not listen to you Identify the root cause Try to understand why your team members are not listening to you. Are you not communicating effectively? Are you not setting clear expectations? Are there other factors at play? Identifying the

Skapa ett team med hög psykologisk trygghet
For the Manager

How can you as a manager create a team with high psychological safety?

6 ways for you as a manager to create a team with high psychological safety Creating a psychologically safe workplace is critical to a productive and successful team. When employees feel secure and comfortable expressing themselves without fear of criticism or punishment, they are more likely to be creative, innovative, and engaged. As a manager,

vad är psykologisk trygghet

What is psychological safety?

Psychological safety impacts innovation, creativity, and employee engagement  What is psychological safety? Psychological safety refers to the feeling of safety and trust that individuals experience in a workplace. It means that employees are not worried about being ridiculed, rejected or punished. This means that they can express themselves, ask questions, and openly share thoughts and ideas.

företagskultur när ni arbetar på distans
For the Manager

How do you build a good company culture when working remotely?

Working remotely has become increasingly popular in recent years, and there are plenty of reasons for that. As we discussed in our webinar about salaries and benefits (link in Swedish), many employees see the opportunity to work remotely as a pure hygiene factor. Working remotely offers flexibility and independence that can be difficult to find in

Hur påverkar AI medarbetarengagemang
For the Manager

How will Artificial intelligence (AI) affect the way we work with employee engagement?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to revolutionize the way organizations approach employee engagement and wellbeing. Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to revolutionize the way organizations approach employee engagement. With its ability to process and analyze large amounts of data, AI can help organizations gain a deeper understanding of the factors that contribute to

5 trender inom anställningsförmåner
For the HR Manager

5 trends in employment benefits that you should keep track on

The way that many people look at employment benefits has changed over recent years. This is driven by several factors, e.g. the Covid 19 pandemic, increased focus on mental health, and new requirements and priorities from employees. Here are some trends that you should keep track on. Personal benefits and more possibilities Many employers experience

Hur du blir en bra chef inom detaljhandeln
For the Manager

How you become a good manager in retail

As a manager in retail, you often have many challenges Managers in retail play an important role in the company’s overall success. They often have to juggle staffing, sales, customer satisfaction and stock, and simultaneously act as a bridge between head office and the shop. The shop staff can many times include unexperienced, part time

Medarbetarengagemang i detaljhandeln
For the Manager

How to increase employee engagement in retail

Employee engagement in retail has a direct affect on sales and customer satisfaction We have all had good and bad experiences as customers in retail. It goes without saying that we are much less inclined to buy something if we get a poor reception, than if we are met by a nice and engaged person

For the HR Manager

Can employee surveys do more harm than good?

Inadequate questions in employee surveys can lead to poor decisions and wrong priorities Employers are legally obliged (link in Swedish) to assess the risk for work related illness. At many work places, employee surveys are used to assess these risks. If the questions in the organizations´ surveys are good, their data can also be used to e.g. develop

Ledarksap som främjar samhörighet
For the Manager

Leadership that supports relatedness

What does it mean to support relatedness? Here is the next blog post in our series about what makes us motivated, and what you as a leader can do through your leadership to create the right conditions for high motivation in your team. All people have three basic psychological needs that we as leaders need to work with

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