Important questions to ask in a job interview

Viktiga frågor att ställa i en anställningsintervju

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To recruit correctly is not always that easy, and to ask the right questions in a job interview can also be a bit tricky. As a future employer you clearly want to understand how the person you are interviewing think, reason and work, and of course if the person fits into the team you are recruiting to.

Here are some important questions you can ask in a job interview, to better understand if the person you are interviewing fits into your particular team:

– If you have a whole work day at your disposal, without any meetings, must-dos or requirements, what would you do?

In the person’s answer you can look for different signs: e.g. does the person want to build relationships with others, develop their skills, work on their own project to contribute to your goals, culture and improve what they work with to enhance their delivery, etc? This gives you information about how the person is, thinks, and how that personality fits into your team.

– Which project that you have conducted are you most proud of?

You can ask this question to understand what type of work that drives the person you are interviewing, and how this fits into your team. You can also look for if their eyes really shines with joy when they tell you about this project; is the person passionated and proud over what he or she has accomplished?

– Where do you see yourself in your career in a few years, and how would this role help you to reach there?

The answer to this question helps you understand how targeted the candidate is in their personal development, how well they understand the role they are being interviewed for, and how this affects your team.

– How do you know that you have been productive during a work day?

This question gives you an understanding about how the person defines their own productivity. Is it the number of hours they have worked? Is it based on how much they have learned? Is it based on different targets that have been reached? The answer helps you realize if the person only works hard, or also smart.

– Please describe your perfect employer.

The answer to this question gives you knowledge about if you can live up to the candidate’s values and view of an employer, or if the person is dreaming about something completely different.

– Please tell me about a situation where you were frustrated, and how you handled it.

This question gives you a good picture about how a person copes with frustration, stress, and possible conflicts. Does he or she keep it to themselves, or do they go into conflict? Does the person give up, or take help from someone?

– Which three experiences in your life would you say have had most influence on you?

This question gives you answer to what the person thinks is important and how he or she is affected and motivated. Ask for instance this question instead of the old usual ‘tell me a little bit about yourself’.

– Within which area do you need to develop and learn the most, to be able to perform in the new role?

The answer gives you information about the person’s honesty, self awareness, and degree of humility to coming challenges. Does the person give you an honest answer to the question? Is it something that you have also anticipated, and can support the person with? Try some of these questions in your next job interview, and see what you can get out of the answer.

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