Why is trust so important in a team?

varför är det så viktigt med förtroendet i ett team

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Many people consider it obvious that high trust within a team is necessary for the team to work and perform well. We agree 100% with this. Did you also know that there are many studies showing how to connect high trust with team performance and results?

Here are some examples of what happens when you have high trust in the team.

High trust increases employee engagement

According to a study by Gallup of more than 10 000 people, trust is ranked as the most important factor for high employee engagement. When an employee did not have trust in the leader, the likelihood for being engaged at work was 1 in 12. But when trust was in place, the likelihood for being engaged at work increased to 1 in 2. In other words, the likelihood for being engaged at work was 6 times higher when the employee trusted the leader.


High trust correlates with higher income

An article in Harvard Business Review highlights the connection between high trust within a team and financial performance. Among other things, they showed that companies listed on  “Fortune 100 Best companies to work for” where high trust within the teams makes up two thirds of the criterias, beats the average return for S&P 500 with a factor of three.

They also discovered in a study from 2015 by Interaction Associates, that companies with high trust are 2,5 times more likely to have high performance organizations than companies with low trust.


High trust gives teams who talk well about you as an employer and your product and services

In a study by Edelman with 33 000 employees, they found that staff who trust their leaders are more likely to recommend their employer and its products and services.


High trust improves the team´s performance

A study made by Dirks and Ferrin showed that trust in the leader gives considerable effects: increased work performance, reduced staff turnover, more satisfied and engaged employees.


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