5 trends in employment benefits that you should keep track on

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5 trender inom anställningsförmåner

The way that many people look at employment benefits has changed over recent years. This is driven by several factors, e.g. the Covid 19 pandemic, increased focus on mental health, and new requirements and priorities from employees. Here are some trends that you should keep track on.

Personal benefits and more possibilities

Many employers experience that their staff have different wishes and needs regarding benefits. Common benefits that are the same for everyone might not work anymore. People simply have different needs.

Many employers investigate which staff benefits that are most valuable for their particular coworkers, and spend their money accordingly. They also vary the benefits between the employees, based on their individual needs and wishes.

Flexible working hours

The staff in our work places get all younger, and they are often asking for a better work-life balance. The fact is that younger employees value work-life balance higher than career development and meaningful work. They might want to get away for a workout at lunch, pick up the kids early, or have a coffee with a friend. As a result of this, more and more employers offer more flexible working hours.

Possibilities to remote and hybrid work

If the pandemic didn’t teach us anything else, it was at least how we can work remotely. Many employers quickly realized that they could offer remote work and that the employees were comfortable in that environment. It helps the work-life balance, and gives an increased feeling of flexibility and that you decide over your own time. Hybrid and remote work also has other advantages, like for instance reduced commuting time, reduced environmental impact, and lower costs.

Equipment to the home office

When working from home has become more common, an increase in different injuries (link in Swedish) related to a deteriorated work environment has been noticed. You often sit in a worse position than in the office, might not have a good external screen, and can’t vary your position. To counteract this, many employers have introduced generous offers and discounts to be able to equip your home office, thereby getting a better work environment also at home.

Benefits to improve mental health

There are many reasons for an employer to invest in the employees’ mental health. Some do it through staff benefits such as coaching, gym membership, jogging groups, or mindfulness sessions in the office. This makes it possible for the coworkers to choose between e.g. a workout, a relaxing massage, speaking to a licensed therapist, or participate in other activities that feel right. To encourage the staff to look after their mental health is something that the employer also benefits from, through increased wellbeing and employee engagement.

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