Actively working with the results – what is not measured cannot be improved

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Varför ska du arbeta med resultatet av en medarbetarundersökning

To enhance the overall performance of the organization and achieve successful work, collaboration and commitment from employees are required, where everyone participates, contributes, and actively engages with the results. This is crucial for creating a positive work environment.

Some points that explain why it is important to continuously work with the results after the measurement is completed

Identifying Areas for Improvement
After the completion of the measurement, you can analyze the survey results, where specific areas and groups can be identified. These may include areas such as leadership and communication, which show lower figures compared to previous measurements. It is advisable to continue working on these areas and find the right tools to determine how to progress and improve them.

There may also be areas indicating very high figures, which is positive. When results are favorable, it’s easy to overlook what needs to be done within the organization to maintain the good outcome. Being aware of areas for improvement is the first step toward implementing changes that enhance both productivity and well-being. 

Increasing and Strengthening Employee Engagement
Conducting an employee survey usually takes only a few minutes; what takes time and expertise is handling the results and working on them. Creating engagement among employees is crucial; it allows everyone the opportunity to express their opinions, which should be treated with respect.

The organization should clearly demonstrate that it takes the results seriously and is committed to continuously making improvements. This can increase employee trust and engagement, raising the likelihood that employees will become more actively involved in their work.

Creating a Culture of Openness, Unity, and Feedback
A culture where feedback is encouraged is formed by sharing results and openly communicating improvement efforts within the organization. This leads to employees feeling more comfortable expressing their opinions, contributing to an ongoing improvement process.

Facilitating Customized Solutions
All organizations have strengths, weaknesses, and unique challenges. If the organization actively works with the results of an employee survey, it becomes easier to create solutions tailored specifically to its needs. Status and requirements change continuously in each organization, so the work must be followed up regularly to make improvement measures more effective.

Focus on Improving Health and Work Environment
It is common for many employee surveys to include questions about health and the work environment. The company decides what it wants to measure; sometimes, a broader measurement is preferred, and sometimes, focus is placed on specific areas. By acting on the results, the company has the opportunity to create a healthier work environment, leading to reduced stress, improved overall employee health, and increased general well-being.

It is interesting to monitor the development over time and view employee surveys as an ongoing process. Organizations actively working with the results are positive, offering a significant chance to create long-term value.


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