Are you a male manager? Then you should tune in to the next Puls Campfire to learn about menopause and its impact on your employees

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Addressing the effects of menopause in the workplace can pose a significant challenge, perhaps especially for male managers who neither have personal experience nor understand the extent to which menopause can actually affect a woman.

Many managers lack knowledge about menopause

The subject is often shrouded in taboo despite the fact that menopause is something all women experience. Many employers possess inadequate knowledge about menopause, which can result in a lack of proper support for the women who are going through it. The importance of safety and understanding in the workplace is crucial, especially during life-altering periods. Raising awareness and support for menopause is essential for creating a healthy and inclusive work environment.

Why is it important for a manager to be knowledgeable and care?

Having understanding and being empathetic are two essential components of effective leadership. As a manager, you play a pivotal role in fostering an inclusive and supportive work environment for all employees. Women undergoing menopause may struggle in silence, fearful that they will be viewed as less competent or that their symptoms will be misinterpreted as a lack of commitment or a waning of work ethic.

The impact of menopause on the workplace

When employees navigate the tumultuous waters of menopause without the lifeline of support, it can severely impact their ability to shine at work. Ignorance in this area can exact a heavy toll on society. A workplace that fails to adapt to these challenges may face increased sick leave, diminished motivation, and even the loss of experienced and valuable staff. A significant number of women resign or take medical leave due to menopause because they do not receive the proper support from their workplace. 

Listen into the upcoming Puls Campfire webinar

This presents an opportunity for you as an employer to gain tips and inspiration on how to provide the right support to your employees. We have invited our guest, Jenny Svensson from BeGreat, who will share real-life stories and experiences, challenges, and solutions related to menopause in the workplace. During the webinar, we will explore practical actions and methods that can be implemented in the workplace to develop an environment that includes everyone and fosters a more supportive atmosphere.

Register through the following link:

Would you like to know more about the impact of menopause on the workplace?

Listen to Puls+ Campfire featuring Jenny Svensson, an expert in the field and well-known figure from

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