What is psychological safety?

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vad är psykologisk trygghet

Psychological safety impacts innovation, creativity, and employee engagement 

What is psychological safety? Psychological safety refers to the feeling of safety and trust that individuals experience in a workplace. It means that employees are not worried about being ridiculed, rejected or punished. This means that they can express themselves, ask questions, and openly share thoughts and ideas.

The concept of psychological safety has become increasingly important in recent years, as organizations have recognized its critical role in driving employee engagement, productivity, creativity and innovation. Studies have shown that when employees feel safe, they are more likely to be creative, take risks, and be engaged in their work.

To create a psychologically safe workplace, it is important for leaders to promote an environment of trust, respect and inclusion. This means a culture of open communication, active listening and providing feedback in a constructive and supportive manner. Additionally, it is important to create a sense of safety for employees to speak out and share their ideas without fear of negative evaluation or punishment.

To maintain psychological safety, organizations must also take action to address negative behavior. This may include setting clear expectations for behavior in the workplace, responding to incidents of bullying or harassment, and holding employees accountable for their actions.

In addition to promoting employee engagement and productivity, a psychologically safe workplace has other benefits for organizations. For example, it can help reduce staff turnover and increase employee engagement, as employees are more likely to feel valued and respected if they feel safe. Additionally, it can promote a sense of community and belonging, as employees can work effectively together without fear of retaliation or judgment. Lastly, it can lead to new innovations of products and services. If one is allowed to fail, then one also dares to take risks, and it is often through this risk-taking that new innovations arise.

In conclusion, psychological safety is a critical component of a successful workplace culture and something that organizations must prioritize if they want to drive engagement, productivity, innovation and success. By promoting an environment of trust, respect and inclusion, leaders can create a psychologically safe workplace that supports employees and drives business results.

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